Casino security

Technical side

We care about your security, so the connection between the browser and the site is encrypted using an SSL certificate. If a hacker tries to intercept your data, the browser will show you a warning about the certificate being invalid. However, the same error will occur if you have the date and time incorrectly set on your computer. Before concluding that they are trying to hack you, we recommend checking the time. Otherwise, contact support team immediately.

The personal data that you fill out in the profile (including documents) are not transferred to the third parties and are stored in a depersonalized form, unless otherwise required by the license.

Social side

If you feel that the passion for gambling prevents you from living a happy and fulfilling life - you can always contact our support center and report it. If you feel that you cannot stop, support team can manually restrict your access to the games.

It should also be understood that gambling cannot replace your job, even if you consistently win.

We hope that you can maintain a balance between games and your other hobbies.


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